Marian is a certified and highly skilled designer with more than 20 years’ experience who can turn her hands to any type of restyling or re-modelling.  She understands the intelligent craftsmanship of your very special gown.  As a skilled designer, Marian will work with you to customize your outfit and achieve the fitted look you want.  We offer flexibility of appointments and a free consultation where we’re happy to discuss your alteration needs and provide a price quote.

Hora Designs provide a wide range of alteration services with an emphasis on a high quality finish and a perfect fit. Alterations include down-sizing coats, jackets and trousers, shortening sleeves and hems, taking in darts, letting out waists, etc. The skill of alteration is highly underrated. The key to the perfect alteration is to have an understanding of the original garment design. Marian has an excellent reputation & ability with the most difficult of alterations having a formal qualification in pattern making. We make sure that each alteration we do is such that it compliments your style and your figure.  It doesn’t matter what kind of alteration you need, if it’s a suit, a coat, or your favorite dress, we at Hora designs will return your garment in its original factory finish.  Perhaps you have a family heirloom that needs a modern touch.  

We can transform a traditional dress into a contemporary one and can transform your modern dress in a traditional one. Maybe you’d like to wear your mother’s, or grandmother’s dress.   Then bring it over! We will alter it and make sure it fits you like a glove.  Occasionally a customer will buy two similar garments so that they can be made into one larger garment. Nothing is impossible!   With Hora Designs you can say goodbye to badly fitting dresses! We even work in times of extreme emergencies. If you need your dress altered pronto, we will make sure you have it!  We’re more like a family that you can come to with anything! Feel free to contact us any time and we’ll be happy to help.