Hora Designs provide a wide range of alteration services, including wedding dress alterations, with an emphasis on a high quality finish and a perfect fit. The skill of alteration is highly underrated. The key to the perfect alteration is to have an understanding of the original garment design. Marian has an excellent reputation & ability with the most difficult of alterations having a formal qualification in pattern making. We make sure that each alteration we do is such that it compliments your style and your figure, turning your dress into your personalized dream.  Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive dress you will ever purchase and regardless of what kind of fabric (beaded lace, chiffon, silk, etc.) is used to create your dress, we at Hora designs will return your dream gown in its original finish.  It’s never difficult to look your best on the day you say ‘I do’ if your wedding dress fits as it should.  We specialize also in the re-styling of vintage and pre-loved bridal gowns.   Perhaps you’d like to wear your mother’s, or your grandmother’s, wedding dress. Then bring it over! We will bring it into the trends of today without losing the integrity of the era it came from.  Wedding dress alterations is our specialty; a regular tailor or your dry cleaner may not understand the intelligent craftsmanship of your very special gown. When buying your wedding dress keep in mind that it is usually easier and less expensive to take it in to a smaller size than it is to let it out.  Different fabrics require more expertise than others.  For example, working with beaded lace requires much more time and skill than taffeta.  

Marian is a highly skilled expert who can turn her hands to any type of restyling or re-modelling of coats, jackets, trousers, dresses, as well as bridal wear.  No alteration is too difficult!   With Hora Designs you can say goodbye to badly fitting garments! We even work in times of extreme emergencies. If you need your alterations pronto, we will make sure you have it! Feel free to contact us any time and we’ll be happy to help. At least 2-3 fittings are required for a perfect fit.  We offer flexibility of appointments to help relieve some of the stress in the lead up to your big day.  When coming to have your wedding dress altered always bring the undergarments and shoes that you are going to wear on your wedding day.

Alterations vary from dress to dress and are often not straightforward so for this reason it is difficult to give an estimate over the phone.   Even simple alterations such as shortening or taking in sides can vary hugely. The type of fabric, multiple layers, differences in garment construction, including corsets and additional embellishments are some of the factors that make every alteration different.  Some designer dresses have an individual distinctive style.  For example, haute couture finish requires hand sewing, rather than machine, to maintain original dress features.  However, we at Hora Designs offer good value for money and all our customers are very pleased with work and cost